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Competency passports for the professional future

Promote your training programs and your learners with an individualized competency passport while respecting regulatory compliance.

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We help schools, universities and training organizations to:

Translate programs into competency outcomes
Deliver an individualized and digital skills passport
Simplify regulatory compliance and your quality approach

Experience the digital competency passport

Promote your training offer by delivering a competency passport to your learners. The passport is a digital support which presents all the competencies acquired by your participants as part of a training path. The aim is to ensure employability and encourage continued competency development.

Challenges of the competency approach and requirements of reference organizations

France compétences

Obligations to reference competency certifications in the standards (RNCP and RS)


Exigences sur la qualité de la formation


Implementation of a competency approach in higher education

Caisse des dépôts

Declaration of certified data to build an individual competency passport

Our strengths

Our expertise


Construction of professional and behavioral competency benchmarks.


Assessment design and development center.


Objective measurement of professional skills (hard skills), behavioral skills (soft skills) and digital assessment center.

Available tools


Creation of competency repositories, competency assessments and passport management tools.


Presentation of competencies in a digital format for each learner.


Global visualization of your programs to facilitate their understanding and evolution.